The West Lafayette Elementary Parent Council is a nonprofit 501 (c)  (3)  organization made up of Parents, Guardians and West Lafayette Community members interested in the education of students, the activities and functions of the school, teacher and staff appreciation and assisting in various ways throughout the school year. The West Lafayette Elementary Parent Council works alongside West Lafayette Elementary and the West Lafayette School Corporation.

We support our mission statement in many ways but our biggest focus is the Fast Grant Program. The WLES Parent Council has funded over $3,500 this school year to help our teachers and staff have the supplies, learning tools and life skills tools to help our students thrive. Thank you to every family and business that has donated to our Parent Council! 

These learning tools are used with Kindergarteners all the way through 3rd grade. Many of the materials can be differentiated based on skills. 

1st Grade manipulative for small reading groups funded by fast grants. 

Food group bean bag game for PE classes funded by fast grants.

Several new EL Teacher Manuals were requried and Fast Grants were able to buy them versus our teachers. 

Working with small groups is important. This is a way to really focus on specific needs of each student. These items were purchased and implemented in the classroom thanks to monetary donations. 

Fast Grants help staff utilize their WIN time. WIN (What I Need) is a short block of time during the day when students will be working on things based on their needs. Fast Grants can fund all sorts of items for daily classroom use.  

One of the ways we can make our curriculum more engaging, individualized, and hands on, is through creating centers for different musical concepts and skills. These centers were partly funded with Fast Grants. 

We can use a variety of the games to work on letter/sound ID in Kindergarten and more advanced phonics skills with the older students. The robot has been a huge hit with all grade levels.

Alongside our Fast Grant focus we like to each month honor the hard working, dedicated teachers and the outstanding support staff with monthly appreciation activities. If you are interested in sponsoring a monthly staff apprecation activity please contact us at wlesparentcouncil@gmail.com

Provided staff favorite food items as well as favorite writing utensils. 

Lunch and speciality teas for all staff. 

Delivered speciality sodas to each staff member.

Each staff member recieved a $20 gift card! 


In the Summer of 2022 The West Lafayette Elementary Parent Council was able to award the West Lafayette Elementary School Nature Center $20,000! In October the Nature Center Team had concrete sidewalks, ramps and patios poured, to not only make it more managble, but also make the space handicap assessable.